Healthcare Waterproof LCD TV Remote Control

Thanks for you take time view our website and focus on Healthcare waterproof LCD TV remote controls UNIVERSAL AND LEARNING . 

Now, Electric products more and more popular. especial TVs. 

We install TVs in normal and some waterproof tvs at poor side,kitchen, bathroom, spa, Hospital.

Studies have confirmed that a TV remote control is the single dirtiest item in a typical home and a hotbed for contagious germs and viruses.and it is true even for hotels, hospitals and businesses that have professional cleaning crews working hard to provide a safe and clean environment for guests.

In fact, the remote control in a typical hotel room is considered dirtier than the toilet, sink handles, door handles, and even the infamous bedspread.

That request Healthcare waterproof remote controls.

LP INTL focus on Healthcare waterproof lcd tv remote control since 1993.

Waterproof grade: IP66-67

Splash-resistant, Washable, Mecical Clean, ROHS Compliant

IR distance up to 15 meters

Battery lifespan 1 year (stock 3 years)

Functions customized for tv, iptv... or both tv and stb, or universal or Learning programmable.

Waterproof Universal programmable remote control


--Waterproof IP67, Designed specifially for waterproof tvs, hotel tvs, spa tvs,hospital tvs, outdoor tvs.

--Easy wipe surface for cleaning

--Works with all TVs/DVDs/LCD TVs/Satlite Boxes/Cables

--Pre-programmed to 3000+ brands LG, SONY,SAMSUNG,SHARP,VIZIO,PHILIPS....


--Support mass copy learnt code, easy get 2+pcs learning remote control to replace your hotel......

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